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Game made in 2,5 months for class project in groups of 3 people. We had to make a Zelda type game, with some action and puzzles. We also added some bosses.We got tilesets and some sprites from internet, and we did some of the sprites for the game too. 

The Bosses had been made with state machines and at a high complexity. It even looks for some variables of the player to know what should be the next movement to try killing player. 

They both have up to 5 types of attack.The game also has some puzzles like finding all the weapons, and includes some secrets like finding a minimap for the second level, which can be a bit tricky with his labyrinthine form.

Game made with:

- Marina Chavarria: https://ladymarina.itch.io/

- Júlia Blasco: https://itch.io/profile/julcy


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