A downloadable game for Windows

Game made in 32 hours for {Not Only Games Jam} from King.

It made us win the GameJam in 1st place.

The game is an immersive experience where the player can feel what a blind person feels. 

In the game the player is a blind person in a new city. He is in the street and will have to reach a place in a limited time. The player will have to try to orientate but he just has the range of his withe stick to see. He will have to be guided by the sounds of his sorroundings and the objects he come across.

Team (TreePot Games):

- Marina Chavarria: ladymarina.itch.io/ (Programmer)

- Júlia Blasco: itch.io/profile/julcy (Game Design)

- Pol Serra: imnotserra.itch.io (Pixel Art)

- Joan Ortiga (Programmer)

With the collaboration of Marc Mas https://marc-mas.itch.io/ for main menu music.


Caecus.rar 43 MB

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